We want to lead the massive countrywide effort that will help reduce newborn deaths by over 40%. 


H.F.P.F.U works in Bugiri and around the district to reach those children who are missing out most on learning and education.


Violence against children was already at pandemic proportions before the outbreak of COVID-19.

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Who We Are?

During the rainy season of 2008 in August, I had a garden in Nabukalu, my home village. The garden was large in that I hired ladies from the other villages to help me in weeding my maize and groundnuts garden. 


During the process, there came an old woman with her granddaughter who was five years old. The old woman used to come with that girl every time she used to come but the girl used to cry before her grandmother could finish up the work. Then one day I got concerned and moved near the old woman. I asked daada(meaning grand) what makes the girl cry every day you come to the garden?


The old woman told me that it's because of this girl that she comes to work for money in the garden. I decided to sweet talk her, request her to allow me to adopt the girl and take her to allow me adopt the girl and take her to school. Eventually she accepted, and I took the girl to my home from 2008 to date.


I placed her in a school called York Nursery , a kindergarten school in Bugiri where she completed her nursery School. She joined primary level at Musana Primary School and later joined secondary level where she sat for her senior four exams. The young girl performed well, and she is expecting to join High school  to finally pursue her career.


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